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ExcelON Instruments have been used to the hilt to show value to a Major Indian Customer using Productivity-based metrics. Customer is happy to "release productivity-based additional compensation to engineers".




1st July - 31st Dec. 2017

Dr. Nalini MSIS - Program Manager, Myriad Stars

Mrinalini, Mrunalini - Interns, Myriad Stars

MS NalineSree - Product Manager, Cool Colonies

Groups preaching Spirituality





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Our products are our scientific instruments. R&D, Projects are our services. Case Studies are our Reports. By monitoring and measuring key business parameters we

enable MSME businesses growth. From the simplest multimeter to complex oscilloscope, logic analyser, network analyser

as electronic instrumentation helped hardware business growth, we wish to help the growth of MSME businesses through

innovative ExcelON instruments - keep watching this space for our Innovations and how you can use them. We define appropriate Testers & Meters for every Professional Skill definitions, keep them calibrated and maintain Quality through Learning in Talent Management.

Hope you noticed the forum links given above. They answer many a question for you on our innovations.
New: Money has unimaginable influence on people's mind. Whereas in fact, it should not have become any more important than the other factors like people, materials. The Digital Currency can effectively put a check on this and can potentially normalize its influence on par with others when handled diligently. We propose to make an instrument for doing this precisely. We invite partners to join us.

Here are some spiritual products to shop for: