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ExcelON Instruments have been used to the hilt to show value to a Major Indian Customer using Productivity-based metrics. Customer is happy to "release productivity-based additional compensation to engineers".




1st July - 31st Dec. 2017

Dr. Nalini MSIS - Program Manager, Myriad Stars

Mrinalini, Mrunalini - Interns, Myriad Stars

MS NalineSree - Product Manager, Cool Colonies

Groups preaching Spirituality





Myriad Stars Network Shares page link



Our Project 1 in Focus : Memberships+ into Myriad Star(s) domains

Our Project 2 in Focus : Water Tank Cleaning+ starting from 5th March 2016

Our Project 3 in Focus : My Stamp Plus starting from 4th March 2016

Our Project 4 in Focus : My Village Map Plus starting from 10th March 2016

Click here to open the Project Steps document of 'My Village Map' provided by our Program Manager

We work with customers in implementing products or to provide services. Engagements with NMSME customers are not defined with fine boundaries.

One service may take us into another and another and so on. And we become lifelong service providers / partners in some cases.

This engagement process itself is a challenge and an opportunity as well to every Project Manager and a Consultant as well.

Their role begins with assessing the needs and then designing the project itself. It is such a web of opportunities that one keeps

getting entangled into it, wriggle out of it and then drawn into another.

Keep checking this page for opportunities.