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ExcelON Instruments have been used to the hilt to show value to a Major Indian Customer using Productivity-based metrics. Customer is happy to "release productivity-based additional compensation to engineers".




1st July - 31st Dec. 2017

Dr. Nalini MSIS - Program Manager, Myriad Stars

Mrinalini, Mrunalini - Interns, Myriad Stars

MS NalineSree - Product Manager, Cool Colonies

Groups preaching Spirituality





Myriad Stars Network Shares page link
Benefits - You can air your Views & discover your Friends faster online !



"Having a clear and emphatic diction is very important for a Sanskrit poem reader; you do it very nicely; it was easy to repeat after you; you must have been practicing from a long time !?" - stated a Colleague at Satsang with an inquiry.

"You are the only person who looked after building maintenance work with care paying immediate attention." - stated a seasoned Watchman.

"Am glad that I have you as a member of my learners; you practice so very well." - stated a song course Guru.

"Am learning to write emails for response from you." - stated a senior colleague at Work.