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Welcome to our Research & Development Division, Myriad Stars

Our ‘Learning’ initiatives in product development have been around a ‘Learning Management System’ development for different stakeholders in on line learning. ExcelON Learning Management Systems not only manage ‘learning’ for corporate or even academic learners but also provide SmarTEST assessments.  We took the route of providing excellent assessment modules and are glad to see our customers using it exceedingly well in their corporate learning initiatives.




ExcelONTM product line – true to its name represent learning and assessment methodologies as applied by several corporate.  Built based on international e-learning standards, this has been our flagship product line and no wonder our corporate philosophy stems out from knowledge gained through its implementations.   Its features help corporate instructors evolve their own adaptive learning techniques  for their organizations.  Its innovative uses can be many  - Problem Solvers, Business Heads, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Assessors, Artists, Hobbyists.


In addition, we built custom Learning Management Systems too for other organizations.