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Remembering Elders & Dear Ones

Remembering Elders and Dear Ones - there is no way I can apply a logic to why I remember some on a day and mention them here. But it is true that I suddenly remember some of them on a day. Some I may not have mentioned too for not having photos. But all the same they did have quite an influence on me.

This includes several of my Gurus who have had undeniable influence too.

We are affected by the grief of our loved ones too not just ours.

Celebrity figures demise causes a lot of grief too - e.g., Rajiv Gandhi's assassination was an unforgettable event - we stayed back in Defence Lab's government office overnight - it is not just for their charisma but also due to the inconvenience it causes to us.

Among Telugu film industry celebrities, we admire - NT Rama Rao, Savithri, A Nageswara Rao, Singer Ghantasala a llllottttt. It is a little difficult to pick and choose in Hindi or English film industry. We like many of them a lot. When they die of illness or at a young age the grief remains stuck.

A note of caution about some photos - that contain the expired and the alive too. I did not want to cut these photos to show just the expired.

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