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Welcome to our Research & Development Division, Myriad Stars

We have built products in Java and .NET technologies over the years and successfully deployed and maintained them for our customers.  Our skill set keeps us technology-agnostic and  domain-agnostic as we put engagement models together to tackle these challenges.


Outsourced Product Development

MyriadStars specialize in Product Identification and Outsourced Product Development services.  Our engagement with SMEs identifies their best business, marketing, sales and delivery processes, their Unique Selling Propositions vis-à-vis world class benchmarks.  A product generally has those features and it is accepted or needed by majority of businesses in an industry. 

However, there are Custom Products too.  It could so happen that a business could be doing a completely unique work of that industry in a way that is not available in any published literature.  Then, the product solution ends up being a highly customized solution that nobody can adopt easily.  A product being a set of goodies most commonly used by many businesses does not fit this type of unique product bill.  Such custom product acceptability in market by others happens slowly and calls for exceptional refinement in implementation.

This amounts to our wisdom that the goals of a product idea must be very clear to all stakeholders and its development process must be adhered to during the entire period. 

Let us know your expertise in your business domain; we would be happy to discuss your ideas and needs of product development.

Open Source based Initiatives

With mature open source products availability  MyriadStars is foraying into full-fledged IT solution development too under GPL license scheme or  otherwise too where required.  Customers liking their refined arthitectures and high usability certainly created a competition and MyriadStars jumps on this bandwagon.  

We identify useful ideal solutions for customers.  Their realisation can be based on open source products / automatic code generation tools  / our existing product lines as per the need of customers.  We are happy to answer your enquiry.