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Welcome to our Research & Development Division, Myriad Stars

Successful talent management practices have been put together by our stakeholders to build this line of products. Talent Management tests the skills of Very Successful Managers and Leaders alike. We very much appreciate that if we do this the best way all other business parameters come under control. Our products reflect these best practices abundantly.


Talent Management

TAPME-in-TAME product line – Talent Management is a logical extension of our other two product lines; TAME represents Talent Alignment Management for Earth.  TAPME (Talent Acquisition Pipeline Manager for Enterprises) is a sub set of TAME. So far, recruitment of freshers and experienced candidates has been dealt with under this.  With corporate’s ever increasing demands from talented personnel, talent management industry is undergoing vast changes; as a result our products undergo constant innovation to keep pace with users’ needs. We have setup the process of identifying new careers, career paths and advise candidates to various paths of success.